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….the emphasis on customer relations and product quality allowed for a real sense of comfort knowing that each project would not only be completed on time, but also to the highest standards in the industry. One could not ask for a more professional and quality conscious organization and I would not hesitate to recommend Joseph Holt Plastering to any one looking for the very best in the plastering industry. Bill Susa

President/CEO, Susa Residential Construction, Inc.

….they rarely ask for extras, there is always an open line of communication from the job site supers all the way to Scott himself. I never have a problem getting a hold of the Holt Team to take care of things. A class act company, with high standards of workmanship, I look forward to working with Joseph Holt Plastering for many years to come. Bill Jenike

Construction Manager, Lennar Homes

Hands down, the best plastering contractor I have ever worked with Patrick Donahue

Executive Vice President, Granite Homes

Joseph Holt Plastering definitely takes pride in their quality and customer service. Without a doubt, the Holt Team will always go the extra mile to meet any schedule demands or quality issues. I can say unequivocally that Far West Industries is grateful to have a trade partner in Joseph Holt Plastering. Keep up the good work! Dave Lewis

Vice President of Operations, Far West Industries

….Joseph Holt Plastering Provides us with quality service, professionalism, and thorough knowledge of their product and systems. We look forward to working with them on future projects. Chris Cagle

Project Manager, Fairfield Development

Joseph Holt Plastering is the easiest Stucco/Plaster company I work with. I have worked the Holt boys on everything from single family to custom to multi-family with the same excellent results. They rock in every aspect of the job from timely estimates all the way to customer care. Our office and field teams are grateful for their professionalism and performance. I highly recommend Joseph Holt Plastering and look forward to having them on my next job. Heather Sabuni

Director of Purchasing, Pinnacle Communities

….Joseph Holt Plastering’s commitment to safety is also an immeasurable benefit that is never overlooked by his well trained crews. S & S Construction demands a lot of our Subcontractors, and Joseph Holt Plastering continues to deliver. Our Field Superintendents are always pleased with the consistent quality and timely service provided by the Holt team. Troy Busse

Purchasing Agent, S & S Construction Co.

….Very hands on, personable company. They started pushing the other subs from day one. And the torrid pace they set was followed up with some of the best quality work I’ve ever seen. Thanks Team Holt ! Jay Scott

Superintendent , Fairfield Development

We have been using Joseph Holt Plastering for a couple of years and have them on 3 jobs now. They do beautiful work, on time, and everyone here loves them- Purchasing, Supers, Accounting, Quality Control and Customer Service. Scott is one of the most hands-on, flexible, willing-to-help-in-any-way subs I have ever worked with. To top that off, his prices are very competitive, and he is NEVER chasing “extras” as others often do. He is a true team player who always aims to please. Everybody wins with Joseph Holt Plastering on our jobs. Glen Freyermuth

Vice President Purchasing and Product Development, Granite Homes